Tuesday, July 15, 2008


While I am still in the midst of a very demanding travel schedule this summer, I wanted to bring you an update. Upon arrival in Mexico we were met by my good friend Oscar Suarez, who leads Fuente de Vida, a growing church in one of Mexico's largest cities, Guadalajara.

Oscar and his wife, Bibi, took us to one of those wonderful Mexican restaurants for a refreshing drink and snack in route to our hotel. These are people who are so warm and hospitable, making us instantly feel at home. Although one has to deal with issues of language, the warmth and eagerness to receive seems to transcend the language barriers. At the hotel we met up with Lee and Stacy Yarabourgh. Lee leads the Mexican apostolic team and we enjoyed a brief time of conversation with them.

That first evening included a wonderful dinner with the Newfrontiers Mexican leadership team and their wives. The following morning I had breakfast with the team and discussed the sessions I would be doing at the Mexican Leadership Conference on "developing leadership" and "leaders and wives together on a mission", as well as one session which would be a topic of my own selection. It was great to make connection with these wonderful men and to catch their heart for strengthening leaders and planting churches.

That evening was a time with the twenties age group of Fuente de Vida, for a teaching and question and answer concluding at the end with "Carne Asada," a Mexican meal. It is impossible to maintain one's weight in Mexico with the delicious food and meals that tend to follow late night meetings. However, it was wonderful and fulfilled my passion for Mexican food.

Thursday was the beginning of the Newfrontiers Mexican Leaders Conference in Chapala. It was a delight to see so many leaders and wives booking in and to note the warmth and receptive hearts to my teaching. My sessions on "Leaders Replacing Themselves" and "Increasing Leadership Capacity" were well received. Linda and I also enjoyed sharing together on the theme of "Leaders and Wives Together on a Mission." My final session included a time of ministry in which leaders throughout the building were receiving powerfully and being refreshed. I was pleased that I received prophetic insight into specific situations for various leaders, and was able to lead a time of ministry following sharing those insights.

It was a privilege to conclude our time in Mexico with Sunday at Fuente de Vida where, following the time of preaching, the front was filled with eager people wanting to respond to the message. A great deal of significant ministry followed and evident blessing could be seen on the faces of those responding.

I am thrilled with the healthy connection we have with the leaders in Mexico and am personally provoked by their obvious desire to see churches planted throughout this country and beyond into the America's. It is wonderful to note their connection in Brazil, Cuba, and Bolivia.

Many expressed appreciation for the USA churches that have continued to sponsor their trips to our USA "Equipped for Mission" leaders conference. I commend our churches for your commitment to the Mexican churches and received many statements of appreciation for the friendship we enjoy together. I do believe that in the future our relationship will translate into us planting churches together in the USA particularly among hispanic people, as well as beyond our borders. The relationship we enjoy together is most rewarding in their wonderful contribution to our churches.

Our friendship with Lee Yarabourgh continues to deepen. I look forward to Lee again joining our USA team meetings and the contribution he is making to us. Lee is now temporarily based in the USA while serving Clark Fork City Church in Missoula, MT. He is in the process of leading that church into Newfrontiers. It is also exciting to note that Lee's relationships with churches in the Northwest is having an effect, as several are now looking to Newfrontiers. I anticipate some exciting developments there as this growing region benefits from Lee's involvement with us in the USA.

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