Friday, May 23, 2008

Looking Forward to Celebrating

I am looking forward to "Celebration Midwest" with great anticipation. I am pleased that the numbers booking in demonstrate a significant increase from preceding years. Of course, this year marks a new date for us with the opening night being a Friday. Let me encourage all of you to make every effort to be present for that first evening session. For some this possibly means you will need to take a half day off of work. I look forward to seeing you there. Much goes into "Celebration Midwest" as all participate in preparation for children's sessions, ONEBLAZE, worship, musicians, etc. Also of great importance is the Newfrontiers-USA 2008 video, which is still in the process of being assembled. I greatly appreciate Karl Scott and Mike Lawson who are working diligently to get the video finished.

These are days of increased preparation for me, as we gear-up for both "Celebration Midwest" and traveling to Mexico shortly afterward, where I will be teaching at the Newfrontiers-Mexico leadership conference. Your prayers for these days of preparation are greatly appreciated.

It has been excellent to be around Jubilee Church this month and to participate a bit more in Sunday preaching. On Mother's Day, with some help from Linda, I brought a message on marriage which was well received. We are now involved in a series of three messages called "Heaven, Hell and the Second Soming of Christ." Last Sunday, I brought a message on heaven and I must say it was a joy to touch this subject. It has been years since I have brought a full Sunday teaching on heaven. You may want to download this message from our Jubilee website. I anticipate an excellent teaching from Bryan Mowrey on "hell" this Sunday. I will conclude next week with "the second coming of Christ".

Finally, in just a few days I will see many of you in Warrensburg and experience again the joy of seeing our churches together in mission which is demonstrated so recognizably during these days. While these times are filled with economic uncertainty, I know your heart for mission and I anticipate a huge offering on the Saturday evening meeting. As some of you are receiving your economic stimulus checks this month, I anticipate many of you will see this unexpected bonus as an opportunity for giving into our mission together. I take your trust seriously due to your phenomenal generosity in previous offerings. It is such a joy to see the advancement of God's kingdom as a result of your commitment which is so tangibly demonstrated.