Friday, June 13, 2008


In just a couple of days Linda and I are off to Mexico where I will be speaking to the Newfrontiers-Mexico Leadership Conference. I shall speak several times regarding the development of leaders. Linda and I will also teach a session on the leader and his marriage. In addition, I have been given the freedom to preach on a topic of my own choosing for the final session. After the conference it will be an honor to speak at the Newfrontiers church Fuente de Vida, where Oscar Suarez is the primary leader. Please pray for us that we will be a help during these important days. It is always a challenge to speak through an interpreter, which demands cultural sensitivity and not being overly ambitious with the amount of material I bring.

We will return just a few days before traveling to England. Over the 4th of July weekend, I will be in Poole with the church led by Matt Hosier, both preaching at their main meeting and sharing with emerging leaders in a smaller context. Linda and I will address the issues of marriage to the wider church body. Then it is off to Brighton, England for the "Together on a Mission" leadership conference. We will be among the 5,000 already booked in. Following the Brighton conference we will be involved in the International Forum of apostolic leaders around the world. We will conclude our days in England by traveling to Bedford for a weekend with King’s Church.

Upon our return to the USA I will only have a couple of days to get over jet-lag before traveling to New England for "Celebration Northeast." I would greatly appreciate your prayers for these important meetings as well as for physical stamina in the face of a demanding schedule.

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  1. I'm the American who spoke to after the service at Alder Rd. Received a blessing from your message. Glad you and your wife could be with us in Poole.

    God Bless