Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A note from John . . .

Last weekend Linda and I were speaking at a “leaders and wives” event hosted by King's Church in Norwich, for the Newfrontiers churches in this region of the UK. I appreciate those who have been praying for us and have definitely felt sustained. There was a very real ease in sharing and the comeback from several couples was encouraging and proved our topic "Leaders & Wives Together on a Mission" was timely. A time of prayer ministry proved to be powerful, and several found God releasing them from past issues and a renewing in their marriage relationship.

The Sunday morning meeting was excellent with wonderful worship and prophetic words as about 600 gathered for the day. It was a pleasure to speak to such an embracing congregation.

We are staying in the home of Goff and Angie Hope during our time in Norwich and have been blessed by their wonderful hospitality. Goff and Angie are a very real delight - Linda and I are enjoying a time of deepening friendship. I am anticipating meeting with the Kings Church leadership team mid-week to discuss issues relating to the future.

I am looking forward to a conference Friday through Sunday called "Living an Extraordinary Life" with the 18-30 year olds from our Newfrontiers family of Churches on this side of the country. This age is one of my favorite groups to be with and we anticipate a wonderful time of experiencing God and receiving His direction from the Word. Also, Linda will share one meeting with the girls while I will have a session with the blokes (guys). Do pray for us that we will be a very real blessing to this generation in the four sessions I have with them.

While away my mind often returns to the happenings at Jubilee Church. It was a thrill to get emails regarding Sunday with several first-time guests present on a snowy day, as well as baptisms as we continue to see people coming to know Jesus. I am very excited about the launching of a new era for Jubilee as we get ready for a new Jubilee location with Rick Hein taking the campus leadership in Wentzville. It is often a struggle for me, as my heart is divided in different places, but a privilege as well to see so many capable people who carry a passion for God's mission as we establish this new location.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Going and going . . .

As many have requested more information about the situation in Kenya, we would like to refer you to the international Newfrontiers site, where they are updating information as they receive it at Kenya Crisis Report.

John is continuing to prepare for his two trips to the UK, as well as the Equipped for Mission conference. He and Linda leave on February 20th for Norwich, England, where they will spend the weekend speaking at a conference for leaders from the western region of the UK. That Sunday John will speak to King's Church. The following weekend they both will be sharing with 18-30 year-olds at a weekend event entitled Living An Extraordinary Life. Please pray for the Lanfermans' health, practical preparation and spiritual preparation as they gear up for this trip.

Upon their return on March 3rd, they'll go right into Equipped for Mission: Newfrontiers-USA Leadership Conference from March 6th-8th in St. Louis.

The Monday after Equipped for Mission John will fly to the UK again to take part in meetings with the others on the international apostolic team from March 11th-14th. With such a fast-paced few weeks it can be very challenging to find adequate time to prepare and pray. John welcomes all prayer support on his behalf!