Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I want to share with you a brief summary of the three main sessions Mark Driscoll brought to Newfrontiers leaders at Brighton and then conclude with a personal summary. Today I bring you bullet points of Mark's first main session preach. It is our practice particularly at the Brighton "Together On A Mission" Leaders Conference to bring someone from outside the movement to speak to us. In past years, we have enjoyed John Wimber, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, and Rob Rufus, just to name a few.

However, it seems this year their was more buzz regarding the appearance of Mark Driscoll to our international conference than any other speaker. Most are aware of Mark's provocative style and we were all waiting to hear what he might say to us. Mark had been asked to speak at three main sessions as well as three seminars, more than any other speaker in the history of this conference. Labeled as a modern day Spurgeon, five thousand attendees could hardly wait to hear him live. Let me encourage you to download for free Driscoll's talks on the Newfrontiers international website. Following is a brief summary of the Tuesday main session.


Driscoll commended us as Reformed and Charismatic who have avoided many of the Charismatic issues he sees plaguing American charismatics. He then noted some of these issues as follows:

1. Charismatics focus on the wrong person.
The focus is Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads us to the centrality of Jesus. Driscoll feels that Newfrontiers has avoided this pitfall of making more of the Holy Spirit than Jesus.

2. Charismatics focus on the wrong event.
Many charismatics focus on Pentecost, however Pentecost points to the death and resurrection of Jesus. Again, Driscoll feels we in Newfrontiers have avoided this error and that Jesus is central to us.

3.Charismatics focus on the wrong person as the definition of what it is to be Spirit-filled and spirit-led.
Too much emphasis on the person being lifted up. Driscoll commented that Terry Virgo lifts up Jesus. It is in the life of Jesus we find the example of how to be filled with the Spirit, not some gifted leader.

4. Charismatics are insufficiently missional.
If a charismatic is also reformed in theology their can be a tendency to be passive in mission. We can wait for revival instead of being pro-active in mission. Driscoll believes that we may have some issues here; committed to mission but not as energetic as we could be. We should be planting more churches and giving more money.

Driscoll then took us through Luke and Acts in order to outline the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus and the believer.
1. The Spirit fills people
2. The Spirit-filled life includes miracles
3. The Spirit-filled life includes prayer
4. The Spirit-filled life includes prophecy
5. The Holy Spirit fills us with a fire for mission
6. The Spirit leads us into hardship and testing
7. Spirit-filled ministry includes preaching the word
8. Spirit-filled ministry includes justice for the poor
9. Spirit-filled ministry includes joy in the Lord
10. The Spirit is given to us by the Father
11. The Spirit teaches us what to say
12. The Spirit-filled life results in repentance
13. The Spirit-filled ministry results in repentance
14. The Spirit-filled ministry results in devotion to one another and awe towards God.

Driscoll then begin to present the marks of the New Testament Church. He admonished us that the goal of 1000 churches were too small. Driscoll seemed to be confused as to this being the total goal of Newfrontiers in church planting when in fact this is only a goal representing the Newfrontiers churches in England. He seemed to be impressed with the biblical balance of Newfrontiers in avoiding many pitfalls commonly associated with charismatics and reformed movements while warning us of the areas we may have some danger.

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