Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bob Stricker: A Friend and Father of Many

In Memory of Bob Stricker

It is with a mixture of sadness and deep gratitude when I learned that Bob Stricker had died after his battle with cancer. Sadness, because I will miss his wisdom, wit and counsel in my life, but having gratitude that I have been privileged to know Bob for 25 years. His influence continues as a result of his investment in so many people and this influence is a mark of a life well lived. Bob was instrumental in starting three different Bible colleges and served churches and leaders in the Midwest and west coast of the United States, as well as in Canada.

Bob served on my apostolic team in Newfrontiers USA for several years. His willingness to move and reside in various cities in order to assist us in developing Newfrontiers churches and leaders has had profound impact on so many leaders. He extensively served several of our churches in the Midwest for protracted periods of time. Many of our leaders were developed under Bob's wise and fatherly hands. Without question our Newfrontiers family of churches would not be where we are today without Bob's patient investment in so many.

I cannot possibly overvalue what Bob has meant to me personally as I planted churches and led our family of churches. Bob was a mentor, a dear friend and a father to me. It was a joy to be with him and share memories this past summer on my trip to the Pacific northwest. His faith and calm demeanor throughout his years of service to us was clearly evident as he faced death. He never wavered, remaining constant in faith and having great courage in the face of suffering. He continued to teach me not only how to live but how to die. I spoke with Bob a few days before his death and, although very weak, his steady voice and words displayed his great faith. As we concluded our conversation, it was a joy to say "I'll see you in heaven, Bob." I am grateful for that opportunity to say goodbye to a true hero who was an example to our family of churches and to me.

Bob Stricker Memorial Mission Fund
Bob Stricker was a dear friend and key member of the Newfrontiers USA leadership team for many years. His mature leadership was a vital resource for the Newfrontiers family of churches. The Stricker family has established a memorial fund to support the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ and this fund will provide support to Newfrontiers USA missional efforts in Zimbabwe and other parts of the world.


Checks may be made out to Newfrontiers USA.

Please write "Stricker Memorial Fund" on the memo line.

Donations can be mailed to:
Newfrontiers USA

PO Box 2626

St. Louis, MO. 63116


  1. I want to be like Bob when I grow up. He was an immense help to me in the short time I knew him. You never walked away from Bob feeling like he was overwhelmingly impressive, but you certainly walked away with a sense of awe toward God. He will be missed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, John. Wendell and I feel this loss deeply, and we are grateful to hear about Bob's final days. We will continue to follow his wise advice and "Believe God."

  3. Bob was indeed a great Christian man and leader. When he was in a meeting or in group prayer, his words were respected and strengthened the faith of many of us. His knowledge of the Old Testament was amazing and enjoyable to hear... especially his answers to random questions by students! Bob was a real help to my growth as a Christian and as a leader.