Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We are considering how God has chosen to build His church through prayer. We need to first answer the basic question: “What is prayer?” Let me provide some key principles to define prayer more clearly.

  • Prayer must never be an afterthought. It should never be given mere “lip service.”
  • Prayer is communication with God and is foundational to the believer’s relationship with him.
  • Prayer is the strategy for receiving a God-given vision and for developing a Spirit-driven strategy. God is not obligated to bless man’s plans—especially if He was not consulted in creating them. However, He loves to bless His people when they are obedient to the plans He has given them.
  • Prayer is an expression of dependence and an acknowledgment of who is really God in our lives.
  • Prayer is a demonstration of faith in a God who does the impossible.

Let’s not be content with what we can build with our own strength. Let’s not just have a church that prays but let’s become a praying church. Do we desire to see the gospel impact our communities and God move in our churches? Let’s pray.

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