Thursday, July 2, 2009

Traveling to England

As I write this blog I am preparing for my departure to England where we will have a busy schedule. Linda and I are looking forward to our arrival and immediate transfer to Poole where we will be with Gateway Church led by Matt Hosier. Matt is a longtime friend, so we are very much looking forward to having a few days with them. Matt made it a priority to have me come to Sidcup, New Community Church in London every year to minister to this great church during his years as pastor there. He now leads Gateway Church in the coastal city of Poole. It was a joy to be with them last year and I am looking forward to my second visit where I am sure to note much progress. I look forward to the Sunday preaching but especially to meeting with elders and leaders and their wives during our stay.

Following my time at Poole, Linda and I will travel to Brighton, England for the "Together On A Mission" conference which draws nearly 5,000 leaders from around the world. We will be teaching at this conference on the topic of the priority of the leader's marriage. We do feel the weight of this important topic particularly as we note each year the failure of marriages among leaders, which goes beyond those that are often noted as high profile leaders. It is my belief that a leader's marriage priority supersedes all other priorities in ministry. This has been a topic we have often been asked to share internationally as well as in the USA. It has been rewarding to receive many expressions of appreciation from leaders and wives following these teachings. I do expect this year's "Together On A Mission" conference to be a most historic occasion following the 2008 conference. Terry Virgo will be taking three very important sessions as he prepares us for the transition that is taking place in Newfrontiers.

After the Brighton conference we will travel to Sidcup, a suburb of London, to again be with New Community Church, which is led by Dave Holden. It will be a joy to minister again to this wonderful church which has always been so warm and embracing of our ministry. I will also again be meeting with the elders for a time of input. I have greatly appreciated the openness of the elders to receive from me and I count it a special privilege to have this opportunity. Dave and his wife, Liz, have been such wonderful friends and we are so looking forward to having time together on the Monday following our week-end of meetings. Newfrontiers is indeed a family of churches together on a mission with wonderful relationships among the leaders and churches.

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  1. Hi john, just wanted to leave a short comment after hearing you this weekend at New Community Church. It was such a blessing to have you with us and the message you brought couldn't of come at a better time for me! "You shared a little about the young lions coming through new community church, and god willing i'm one of them! thanks again and I will look forward to your return next year!!hopefully! sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you and your wife but I wish you every blessings in your future!