Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Going and going . . .

As many have requested more information about the situation in Kenya, we would like to refer you to the international Newfrontiers site, where they are updating information as they receive it at Kenya Crisis Report.

John is continuing to prepare for his two trips to the UK, as well as the Equipped for Mission conference. He and Linda leave on February 20th for Norwich, England, where they will spend the weekend speaking at a conference for leaders from the western region of the UK. That Sunday John will speak to King's Church. The following weekend they both will be sharing with 18-30 year-olds at a weekend event entitled Living An Extraordinary Life. Please pray for the Lanfermans' health, practical preparation and spiritual preparation as they gear up for this trip.

Upon their return on March 3rd, they'll go right into Equipped for Mission: Newfrontiers-USA Leadership Conference from March 6th-8th in St. Louis.

The Monday after Equipped for Mission John will fly to the UK again to take part in meetings with the others on the international apostolic team from March 11th-14th. With such a fast-paced few weeks it can be very challenging to find adequate time to prepare and pray. John welcomes all prayer support on his behalf!


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  2. Hi John, Glad you're coming over. Its a shame we'll just miss each other. While you're in Norwich, we're having our leaving party here in Bedford before we head for St Louis.
    I'm sure you have a busy schedule but you're more than welcome to pop over to see us and the wonderful sights of Bedford!
    If not, we look forward to seeing you in the State's in a few weeks.